Awakening to all that you are...

This is a deep and profound meditation journey that allows you to expand your present self. You will be guided in a 2 hour session to other realms of who you are outside of this present time and space. The introduction to wiser, loving parts of your being is a life changing experience. Therefore, opening you to knowing your magnificence and purpose in this present life.

What is a Quantum Consciousness Experience?

Before you begin, you and I  will explore an intention for the session. An intention can be something that you would like to know or heal in your life and will direct the wisdom and healing you receive. 

 In this 2 hour experience you will be guided by the facilitator into a deep relaxed state and led to expand your awareness beyond this space and time. As you expand out to the different realms of your own consciousness you are introduced to aspects of your soul. In the quantum energy field there are limitless possibilities. As you journey through the meditation you will gain wisdom and healing from:

  • Your younger self and Older wiser Self

  • A personal decision point

  • A parallel part of you that exists now

  • Multidimensional part of you that exits in anytime

  • Your connection to all there is, Source Energy

The amazing thing about this healing is that it is all about YOU.

You are here for a wonderful magnificent reason, to be part of grand universe of loving vibration. The introduction to these aspects of you gives you the tools to lead your present life with purpose. When you open yourself up and know that there is NO Limit 2 You, you open to all the gloriousness in this Present life.

This Experience pairs well with a Reiki session. If you would like to know more please feel free to reach out and connect with me.