The Rock Rose

This is the Rock Rose.

A flower that blooms for only one day. It is very hardy plant and can grow and flower in hot dry conditions. I use it in Bach Flower Remedies to calm anxiety and fears.

The other day I came upon this bloom while on a path for a morning run. I glimpsed at her beautiful color and felt a wave energy pulse through me. I had to stop and take a photo. There was just something about it. This bloom was the only one all around. I ran a little further up the path and did not see any others, so I walked back and sat for a few moments in observation. I just had to spend some time with this only flower. I thought to myself, “How cool that this little bud was so bold and daring to bloom all by itself”. It was so brightly colored in the florescent pink petals and bright orange center. I felt like it was a perfect symbol for how nature reflects our energy body. The outer pink petals is like our aura, the energy that surrounds us and the orange center is like our heart chakra. I closed my eyes and visualized my energy looking just like this flower.

When I opened my eyes to my surprise, there was a bee buzzing around the orange middle. Then as the bee flew away another little buzzing bug came flying over. Hovering around the petals and dew drops for just a moment.

I started to look up what type of flower it was from the photo I took and watched another person stop and notice the single bloomed flower. She slowed her pace for a moment as she looked down at the bloom and then continued with her original pace. As the search for the type of flower came up, I read that it was in fact the Rock Rose and each flower only blooms for one day.

That is when I took a deep breath of gratitude for these few moments with this one flower. I was able to take a glimpse into the day in the life of the Rock Rose.

As I continued my run, I could not get the flower out of my mind. To think that it simply holds its space there in the brush all day and allows for the day to unfold. And yet provides so much to so many…bees, bugs, humans.

Reminding me how impactful living life simply each day can be. We can use the Rock Rose as a symbol for each day we wake up. We bloom and radiate our beautiful aura and heart to the world, holding space for the day to unfold and providing our best for others around us.


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