Awakening to All that You Are through Quantum Consciousness Experience (for Adults and Children)

My personal awakening to all that I am was an unbelievable feeling. It was like having a huge weight lifted. My being went from foggy to crystal clear!

During my years as an educator I always knew there was so much more to my clients/students. They are not just the human sitting in front of me but a beautiful light being that has so much to offer this lifetime. I had trained in many other modalities like hypnotherapy, essential oils, Yoga for Kids, Educational Kinesiology, and Health Coaching that would aid my clients/students in finding their personal power and peace. That all came into perfect harmony when I went through the Quantum Consciousness Facilitator Training. This is where I discovered that I am, and you are, a multidimensional being here in this human body on a journey of discovery in remembering all that we are.

When I am working with students/clients one on one I KNOW that they are so much more. During my first meeting with a student/client I will spend some time answering the question, “What is my intention for this experience?”. I use a meditation or journey narrative to allow that student/client to expand themselves through realms of their own consciousness. This allows each individual to explore everything that exists in their unlimited potential. This can offer a transcendence into a higher awareness. When the session is complete the client/student will have returned with healing and wisdom that clients/ students in the past have characterized as “feeling relieved”, “weightless”, “open”, or “see things in a whole new way”.

The sessions are personalized and unique to each client/student. A session with an adult may be very different than a child session. Again, I take each person on a personal journey of their own consciousness and therefore the overall structure of the session may vary based on the intention of the client/student. Nonetheless, it is the feeling of expansion and taking with you the knowing that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE!

There are many ways over the years that I have supported clients/students into realizing their brilliant potential. A Quantum Consciousness allows an individual to experience their own magnificence and allows healing, wisdom, and growth for all aspects or realms of our multidimensional self.

If you and/or your child would like to explore the many dimensions of who you are

please contact me....

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