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I have always been a seeker of all things educational

natural, and healing -  in essence I’ve always been drawn to the exploration of Body-Mind-Spirit. 

                                                                              I am an Energy Explorer.

I have been sensitive to energies since I was a young child and through my childhood journey discovered how to connect to my true essence and the healer within. I am here to share my process of healing with you.

My journey began when I was very young. Soon after my 4th birthday I became very ill. I was seeing many specialists and it seemed they were at a loss for diagnosis and treatment. I spent many days in doctor's offices and hospitals. My mother felt desperate to find healing for my illness. By Divine guidance she happened upon an energy healer. During my sessions with the healer,  I would have out of body experiences where I would meet with my guides and was shown how to heal myself. I was quickly healed from my childhood illnesses, to the point that the doctors could no longer detect anything.Throughout my life I developed a strong relationship with my guides and have used the techniques they taught me to heal myself and others. Since then, I continually use my inner compass to point me in the right direction and lead me on a journey of energy exploration.

I have a Masters in Education and certifications in yoga, educational kinesiology, homeopathy, essential oils, Bach Flowers and Health Coach all for the body. In addition, I have trained in Hypnosis and Meditation for the mind and Reiki and Quantum Consciousness Experience for the Spirit. The combination of these healing modalities, my experience as a child and connection to my guides creates an individualized personal healing experience for my clients over the past 8 years which I call, Energy Recalibrations.

Here are some other places you can find me:
Institute for Quantum Consciousness