My name is Christine. I am an educator, facilitator, and healer in service for people ready to expand their awareness of their own power and wisdom in self-care and healing. 
I have always been a seeker of all things educational, natural, and healing -  in essence I’ve always been drawn to the exploration of Mind-Body-Spirit. I have been sensitive to energies since I was a young child - at that time I wasn’t sure what  I was seeing and feeling, but I knew that it did not jive and I felt out of place and confused. There was a disconnect with what I was being told and what I was  feeling. This set me on a mission to discover how to reconnect myself to my true essence and the healer within myself. 

The greatest healing we can do is healing of the self. 

What I do is help people of all ages to create a sacred space so they feel safe in opening themselves up to the Greater Knowing of who they really are - which is So Much More than we have been told!. 

On my own personal journey,  because I am curious and so passionate about learning everything about life, health and  the Universe itself - I have acquired a Masters in Education with certifications in; Health Coaching, Educational Kinesiology, Yoga for kids, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Homeopathy, Essential Oils and Quantum Consciousness!.

There are times when we search for our connection to ourselves and who we truly are. 

When we are unclear about what our journey may be,  we find ourselves feeling lost, anxious, depressed, fearful, and unfulfilled. Reiki Healing and Quantum Consciousness has given me the answers I sought.   I have been able to  release all those doubts and fears I felt for years - and have more importantly and gratefully seen that I Am So Much More than I ever believed! I believe this about you too!

It is the perfect time for you to step into the magnificence of all that you are and know your own healing powers. 
Let me support you on your self-care journey.  Contact me, and let's Connect and Heal.💖

Here are some other places you can find me:
Institute for Quantum Consciousness