Awaken to your healing frequency

Let me explain a little bit more about what Reiki Healing is... 

 This is an energetic healing and deep relaxation. Together we clear the layers of your field of energy that may get cluttered with everyday stresses. This opens you up to feeling lighter and giving you a renewed perspective in your life.

How does Reiki work?

It is an energy technique that utilizes the field of energy (like magnetic energy) that surrounds each of us. This energy field can attract or repel just like a magnet. Based on your thoughts and emotions the body will adjust it's magnetic attraction. When we feel negative emotions sometimes this energy can get stuck or blocked in the body causing sensations such as stress, brain fog, pain in areas if the body, or anxiety. When we feel positive emotions such as love, joy and appreciation the field of energy can flow freely through the body. When our energy (magnetic attraction) is able to move freely our body is able to heal, feel less pain, and identify our thoughts and emotions clearly to move through a healing process.  In a Reiki session, the facilitator will use the Universal Energy (magnetic energy of the universe) to gently assist your energy into movement and flow that will promote and enable your body to heal itself. During this time you may or may not "feel" anything. People have described feeling very relaxed, calm, warming/cooling sensations in the body, or waves of different emotions. The sensations vary and there is no right or wrong way to feel during your healing. This healing is for you and there is no judgements about your thoughts or feelings during this time. You can just let go, allow yourself to be bathed in the loving healing energy of the Universe.

Are the sessions remote?

The sessions are done remotely due to Covid via Zoom or Phone Call. The way this works is by tapping into the energy frequency of your body and the Universal energy. Like radio frequency or cell reception, you can not see the energy but you know it connects and is there to get the messages you need. The field of energy that surrounds you is the same way. You are always connected to Universal energy and tapping into that frequency gives your body the message of healing.

If you are interested in a Reiki session. I encourage you to contact me through the form on this page or simply call me. Let's connect and talk more about you and your healing needs.

This can also be the beginning step to a Quantum Consciousness Experience.

If you are interested in learning about the full healing process. You can read more about Quantum Consciousness Experience or connect with me directly.