Awaken to your healing frequency

Are you feeling?

  • stressed

  • anxious

  • fearful

  •  overwhelmed

  •  stomach aches

  •  head aches

  •  general lack of energy

These symptoms can lead to chronic health issues​. 

Create and take the first step to self care by booking a distant healing appointment TODAY! (Zoom, Phone Calls, and Remote healing options)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses (Rei) God Consciousness and Universal Energy (KI.) Like a conductor I transmit frequencies of Life Force energy.

This is a energetic healing and deep relaxation where we clear the layers of your field that may get cluttered with everyday stresses. This opens you up to feeling lighter and giving you a renewed perspective in your life with more energy, calm and pain management.  


This is your time..

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On a Zoom or Phone Call we can discover your personal Self Care Path. 

Let me support you in guided healing sessions that will allow you to open, expand, and connect to relief, peace, and calm in your life. Discover aspects of your personal wisdom and step onto your path of self-care today!

The greatest healing is healing of the Self. -Christine

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” -Hermes.



"Christine's healing is like no other that I have had before, she is a Quantum Healer and Intuitive all rolled into one amazing session.  P.K.

I purchased the Clear and Cleanse Package. All 3 sessions were profoundly effective, in terms of clearing out bad energy and stirring up what needs to be stirred up in order to move forward. Christine herself has an incredible amount of positive, caring energy about her spirit. I always felt very safe and protected while under her care.


I purchased the Clear and Cleanse and
I loved my sessions! I found it so interesting listening to her and the feedback after the sessions. Very informative!


The Reiki sessions with Christine have given me hope that I can still grow and change. I look forward to continuing once a month sessions with Christine.