Rebalance, Reenergized, 

Even a compass needs to be recalibrated.

When was the last time you calibrated your energetic compass?

What a NoLimits2: Recalibration
Can Do For You:

Reconnected and Reenergized
Feeling back on track and moving forward again in your life

Feeling awakened to your inner truth

Rejuvenated and Release:
Letting go of attachements to old beliefs and feeling like your cup is full again.

How it Works:


We will begin with a very relaxed chat about how you are feeling? Why are seeking a Recalibration? What you expect to achieve in our time together?


If you feel you are ready to continue with the Recalibration. We we will schedule a one hour session.


You will receive an email with instructions on how to prepare for your remote NoLimits2: Recalibration


In our Zoom session, we will spend an hour calibrating your inner compass and clearing  your energetic field. This will allow to to feel rebalanced and reconnected to your mind, body and spirit.

What I Promise to You 
To be your personal #EnergyExplorer.
Assisting you to recalibrate your inner compass.
Pointing you in the direction of your personal path in rebalancing, reenergizing and rejuvenating your life.


My sessions were profoundly effective, in terms of clearing out bad energy and stirring up what needs to be stirred up in order to move forward.- K.

What is this?

A compass is a magnet that adjust to the polarity (+/-) of the direction you are facing.

Sometimes the polarity (+/-) gets pulled off balance due to other opposing forces and the compass doesn't point in the right direction.

Like a Compass...

Our energy  field  known as the energy body  has polarity (+/-).  When our energy is pulled off balance, we feel symptoms in our physical, emotional, and spiritual  bodies. This can feel like:

  • Fatigue

  • Overwhelm

  • Foggy Mind

  • Unbalanced

  • Depressed 

  • Headaches

  • Body Aches and Pains

A quick recalibration can clear the opposing, intruding forces in your energy fields which relieves the physical symptoms and allows you to return to a state of balance.  This is what I call  Recalibrating your Energetic Compass.

The good news is that I threw out a big grocery bag full of papers, mail,  etc. So I feel like I was able to break through my stagnation there. More to come! 

Thanks again for your help and healing energy!



healer facilitator christine

Christine Martineau

M.Ed, CHC, C.Hom, C.HT, AQCF, RM